Building Aid & Construction Services

SAS's Building Aid and Construction Services are designed to help districts navigate the complex maze of state laws, regulations and reporting requirements to assure maximum funding over the life of the project. Districts can choose the service program that best meets their needs including:

  • Building Aid Review of current projects to increase aid over the life of the project.
  • Comprehensive Full Service Program through the entire project including:
    • Maximize the District’s bond percentage/aidable expenditures on projects under management.
    • Review and assistance in submitting state reports and schedules necessary for the payment of building aid.
  • Work to assure that all expenditures charged to the project are aidable.
  • Annually review general fund expenses to determine which items could be charged to the building project.
  • Provide recommendations to the architectural firm regarding the packaging of plans and specifications, bid forms and project design that lead to maximum reimbursement
  • Assist the District in projecting the net cost and tax rate implications of the project.
  • Work to maximize the cost allowance for additions and reconstruction.
  • Review all incidental costs and work to maximize the cost allowance on these expenses.
  • Meet with representatives of the Bureau of Facilities Planning on the District's behalf as needed in order to assure the maximum aid return on projects under management.
  • Work to receive the maximum funding on equipment purchases in the project.
  • Assist the District to assure the accounting system is structured so as to provide all reports necessary for claiming aid.
  • Assure that all timeframes are adhered to that impact payment of aid.

Medicaid billing & compliance services
  • SAS will perform monthly matching of IEP students to medicaid database
  • SAS will identify Medicaid eligible students
  • SAS will train direct care staff on their requirements
  • SAS will make sure all providers are Medicaid compliant
  • SAS will assure licenses are in order from providers
  • SAS will maximize reconciliation reimbursement
  • SAS will prevent double-dipping from other federal funds
  • SAS will prepare and submit monthly claims electronically
  • SAS will help with full monthly reconciliation
  • SAS will help with audit representation

Special Ed Funding

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